Monday, April 24, 2006

The Essential Elements of a Marketing Plan

The most effective marketing plans include:

  1. Analysis of the Environment. This analysis should include a review of the competition in your market, what infrastructure you have in place and need, how will you deliver your value proposition, and most importantly...Who are your customers

  2. Fundamental Marketing Strategies & Marketing Mix Strategies.

  3. Implementation and Control means. The latter is particularly important in the evaluation phase of your marketing. Make sure your measuring efforts have a means of being isolated from external factors.

  4. Financial Forecast. What kind of a budget have you established for your marketing campaign this year? What financial returns (if any) are you expecting on your marketing?

Take the time today to thoroughly think out what objectives you are seeking in your marketing. Understand that the principal reason you undertake marketing is to build brand recognition. Finally, make sure to consider the publicity you will need in conjogation with your marketing.


Mark Buzan is the owner of Action Strategies, a public affairs and marketing communication consultancy. He has developed stellar marketing plans for numerous clients. You can subscribe now to his monthly PR & Marcomm tips newsletter by visiting www.action-strategies.ca and dropping down the Ă‚“newsletterĂ‚” menu.


Chuck said...

Your blog about website sales is really great. I'll be back to check on website sales soon.

Mark Buzan said...

Not really sure what you're talking about Chuck...this is a blog on PR & Public Affairs!