Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fred Sherman's Magnfier Report: New Movers & Shakers in Ottawa

From my last post, I mentioned that Fred Sherman of Fred Sherman Communications will be working with Action Strategies in giving readers of Corridors and this Blog some insights into some of the newest movers and shakers on Parliament Hill.

Mark Buzan, Chief Magnifier
Action Strategies

Here's an insight of Parliament's most recently placed senior staff:

Maureen Murphy-Makin is the chief of staff to new Justice Minister Rob Nicholson; while William Stairs continues in his job with new Treasury Board Minister Vic Toews. Chris Froggat is chief of staff to Environment Minister John Baird, and Michelle Austin remains chief of staff to Industry Minister Maxime Bernier. Anthony Salloum, former senior political aide to one-time NDP leader Alexa McDonough, will continue working around the Hill, but now as program director of a new think-tank, the Rideau Institute on International Affairs.

Even the Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Jean-Pierre Kingsley is stepping down to take a post as president of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Washington, D.C. Amongst those in attendance at his farewell reception were lobbyists Tim Powers and Kim Furlong.

Fred Sherman

These people will be some of the more prominent people in Ottawa Action Strategies and its Magnifiers will be watching.
Mark Buzan is the owner of Action Strategies, a public affairs & marketing communications consultancy. You can subscribe now to his monthly public affairs newsletter by visiting www.actionstrategies.ca and dropping down the newsletter menu.

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