Saturday, March 25, 2006

No No's in Marketing

  1. Exaggerate your claims: Sooner or later your hype will catch up with you. It’s bad for business to underestimate the intelligence of your potential customers and if you do sell them something that does not work then they will tell others and a bad reputation and demands for refunds will follow.
  2. Not testing: Make sure that our ads are effective. Just think of the TV ads that are very memorable, but you can’t remember the product that was being advertised. Monitor the response from your ads and make changes as needed. If you are getting loads of traffic but no sales – that’s a message to you – your sales page is not working. If you have an ad or article that gets a lot of click thrus then find out why? What was different?
  3. Expect immediate results: Responses to your ads increase the more they are seen. Many people will see your ad but not need your services at the time – but if you are consistent they will know where to look when they want you – provided that you ad is still there of course!
  4. Not making the best use of unpaid advertising. Make yourself into an expert, provide press releases, write columns, offer advice in forums AND always, always leave your name and web link. These are all the essentials of public relations!

by Lee Lister

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Mark said...

And the relation to this posting IS???????? Really people...let's try to keep the comments relevant to the postings! Rick's posting is a clear example of a marketing no no!

superclosetnerd said...

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