Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Omnifluence - The Value of Public Relations Consultants

Last week (May 18), I spoke before the Young Communications Professionals Group - Ottawa. This group gathers largely as a means to share stories and gain advice from experienced individuals in the field of public affairs. Naturally, I was very honored to be invited to provide my input on how they could build their careers.

The number one challenge I feel communicators face is demonstrating exactly how the work they do directly impacts upon the bottom line of an organization. Getting there, there are several levels of where many organizations operate. Often, organizations operate at what can be called the functional and business level. Basically, this is where leaders are most worried about day to day operations. The criticism of public relations however is that its most effectiveness occurs for those organizations who are willing to look at matters with a longer term perspective on matters - at the enterprise and strategic level.

The challenge therefore for organizations is getting to understand that reputation is something that is priceless. In fact it touches every aspect of a good functioning cause. Public Affairs professionals are reputation brokers. We build and protect reputations and by doing that we impact on good functioning of marketing by making certain that evert dollar spent is done so strategically. We keep organizations in tune with their stakeholders, clients, and even internally with staff so as to ensure organizations hold onto valuable employees.

This is what PR 2.0 Universe has called Omnifluence: the measure of our effectiveness in influencing the entire stakeholder universe. Communications/ Public Relations Consultants are brokers of influence. Those organizations that can capitalize on this knowledge base are the ones that will see mutiple benefits in the end.

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