Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maximizing Non-Profit marketing, sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for more revenue

How to do we maximize our marketing opportunities for more revenue for our organization? When it comes to sponsorship and the fundraising that results from it, good PR strategy cannot be ignored. In fact, potential sponsors expect you to have a solid communications strategy! I hope from this recent video that if you have had any doubts about the relation between solid communication strategy and its impact on revenue generation for your organization, that doubt is now removed!

Please let me know your thoughts! What has been your experience? Please leave a comment.
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Lisa said...

We recently maximized our fundraising and sponsorship for our gala by using this software called OnePage from Events.org. With them, we set up our own online registration page where our guests could buy tickets, volunteer, and we also put up our sponsor logos on the site. We had sponsors sign up that we previously had no contact with who found us through word of mouth or who just stumbled across the site

We also used their interactive auction at our gala which was a total hit with our guests. There were touch screens and iPads instead of bid sheets and you could bid on an item from any where in the room. In the end, we surpassed our goal plus much more. The guests had so much fun with the touch screen. We're pretty small and they were very affordable.

Mark Buzan said...

Thanks for the comment Lisa! You've brought forth some great ideas in terms of delivering sponsor value at the event but what do you feel worked best in terms of promoting the event and the PR needed to make the event interesting to them?

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